Psittacula Species:
P. alexandri:
Moustached parakeet
Alexandrine parakeet Newton's parakeet Plumheaded parakeet Long-tailed parakeet Moustached parakeet Derbyan parakeet Malabar parakeet Emerald-collared parakeet Mauritius parakeet Ringnecked parakeet Seychelles parakeet Plumheaded parakeet Blossomheaded parakeet Blyth's parakeet Slatyheaded parakeet Slatyheaded parakeet Intermediar parakeet
P. calthorpae:
Emerald-collared parakeet
P. caniceps:
Blyth's parakeet
P. columboides:
Malabar parakeet
P. cyanocephala:
Plumheaded parakeet
P. derbyana:
Derbyan parakeet
P. echo:
Mauritius parakeet
P. eupatria:
Alexandrine parakeet
P. exsul:
Newton's parakeet
P. himalayana:
Slatyheaded parakeet
P. intermedia:
Intermediar parakeet
P. krameri:
Ringnecked parakeet
P. longicauda:
Long-tailed parakeet
P. roseata:
P. wardi:
Seychelles parakeet


P. hybrids: Hybridization

A strongly gradated tail, in which the feathers, particularly the long central pair are narrow, is the most conspicous external characteristic of the Genus Psittacula. The bill is robust and heavy with a distinct notch in the upper mandible.
Genus Psittacula is related to Eclectus, Tanygnathus, Polytelis and Alisterus and it is a widely distributed genus and includes one specie, Psittacula krameri, which is the most widely distributed of all parrots.


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